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With images! Twelve days ago I wrote about my beard growth and included a photo. When I posted it, not only did the photo NOT appear but I noticed that ALL my post photos from the past were also not showing. They were in the media library, right where they should be, but weren’t posting. […]

Where to Find Me Online in 2020

Wednesday , 8, January 2020 Comments Off on Where to Find Me Online in 2020

Where to Find Me Online and on Social Media in 2020

Sometime late yesterday, Thursday, August 27, 2015, this blog crossed the 10,000 visitors line! In reality, that’s not all that great. It’s taken 2 full years to reach that number. Most popular blogs do that number in one week or even one day, so I know the reality of that number. But still, it’s a […]

When Cindy and I took a cruise several years ago, the only part of the whole experience I disliked was having to share our evening dinner with six other people we did not know. That’s part of the normal cruise experience, but if it had just been me on the cruise, I would have taken […]

I’ve really come to love Tumblr because I keep finding more and more of the people I’m interested in over there. Writing, Comic Books, Science Fiction, Photography, and other interests of mine are well represented on Tumblr. My own Tumblr page consists of this blog (auto-post is great!), but it also contains things I find […]

Here are the places on the Internet and Social Media where you can find me in 2015.   Visit my Blog Follow me on Twitter Network with me on LinkedIn Connect with me on Google+ Facebook with me Tumbl with me on Tumblr Share photos with me on Instagram […]

Milestone Reached: 500 Tumblr Posts

Tuesday , 4, November 2014 Comments Off on Milestone Reached: 500 Tumblr Posts

Yesterday, I was notified that I’ve reached a milestone of 500 posts on my Tumblr page. If you’ve never visited my Tumblr page, I invite you to stop by and see what makes it onto my Tumblr. Not only will you find posts from this blog, but also all my Instagram photos and items on […]

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