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Big Time Professional Wrasslin’ in OKC

Monday , 6, July 2015 Comments Off on Big Time Professional Wrasslin’ in OKC

So when I arrived at our office, which turned out to be in a what-used-to-be-mall-that-everyone-went-to but, not so much anymore, on my first day at work there was this poster on the entry door, advertising an upcoming show put on by the Mid-South Wrestling Alliance. I like going to local wrestling events and watching the […]

Here’s a photo Cindy shot with her phone of me standing in front of a rock, boulder, piece of the mountain…whatever you want to call it, that is about 10 feet high and not far from Wolf’s Haven on Sheepback Mountain. Ohhhh…you thought it was me and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Sorry to disappoint.

This past Tuesday night the WWE came to town at the Amway Center to broadcast live matches for WWE Main Event on the WWE Network that night and to tape matches for WWE SmackDown airing tonight on the Syfy channel. My friend Michelle who runs the CitySurfing Orlando website graciously offered me tickets for my […]

Visiting My Brother In Clearwater

Sunday , 13, April 2014 Comments Off on Visiting My Brother In Clearwater

Last Saturday Cindy and I drove from Orlando to Clearwater to spend the day visiting with my younger brother, Mark, and my niece, Diana. I hadn’t seen Mark since our last get together in Manhattan on March 10, 2013 and I’m not even going to guess how much longer it had been since he and […]

30 Years Of Hulkamania!

Thursday , 23, January 2014 Comments Off on 30 Years Of Hulkamania!

It was 30 years ago today that Hulkamania was born when Hulk Hogan met and defeated The Iron Sheik in the middle of a wrestling ring in Madison Square Garden. Even people who don’t watch “Sports Entertainment”, as it is now known, are aware of this bigger than life figure. Other than his “heel” turn […]

The 50 Greatest WWE Entrance Themes!

Sunday , 22, September 2013 Comments Off on The 50 Greatest WWE Entrance Themes!

WWE just published their top 50 greatest WWE ring entrance theme songs. Of the WWE entrance music, I’m partial to “Commom Man Boogie” for the legendary Dusty Rhodes and “Also Sprach Zatathustra” for the former NWA and WWE World Champion Ric Flair. I wish they had included “You Got Another Thing Comin’” the ring entrance […]

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