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The Dali Museum

I visited the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL many years ago. This cartoon reminded me that I want to go back and visit it again.

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Our Love For You

It was 4 years ago tonight that my brother called to tell me that our mother had passed away at the age of 75. In some ways it seems like yesterday, and in other ways it seems so long ago. … Continue reading

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Hospital Day

Spent most of the day at the hospital with Cindy and my father-in-law as the doctors try to determine why my mother-in-law has suddenly started passing out while standing. It started last Thursday when Cindy’s parents were out of town … Continue reading

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Almost A Darwin Award Finalist

Goes to a firearm safety class, then shoots himself in the leg. There are definitely some people who should not have firearms.  

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Be Careful What You Wish For

I’m looking at YOU, Alabama.

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Critical Update Reaction

You KNOW you’ve done it…

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Jade Runs The Mickey Mile Race At EPCOT

This past Friday morning, February 21, 2014, Cindy and I traveled out to EPCOT to watch our four-year-old granddaughter Jade run in the “Mickey Mile” race. As it turned out, you could see the start from a distance but could … Continue reading

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Did You Know…?

Have you ever been sitting on the balcony of a beachside hotel, gazing at the ocean, and thought, “I wonder how Sperm Whales sleep”? Well, watch the video below and you’ll know.

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Superman Cup From Abby

Cindy and our four-year-old granddaughter Abby were at the store a couple of days ago when Abby spotted this Superman cup and began pointing at it, shouting, “Granddad! Granddad!” so Cindy asked her if she’d like to buy it and … Continue reading

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I’m sitting here right now watching last night’s “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” that I DVR’d. Bradley Cooper, Tim McGraw, Emma Thompson and Jimmy Fallon are playing a game of charades and I’m trying to figure out they know … Continue reading

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