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Birthday 2020

Monday , 6, July 2020 Comments Off on Birthday 2020

This year’s birthday was a bit different, and not in a bad way. Usually I’m working somewhere on the road, but this year, thanks to COVID-19, I was able to be with some family and take a short, quarantined trip out of town. The day began with my middle granddaughter, Abby, making me a breakfast […]

Misssion Rehearsal Training at the NETC

Tuesday , 11, February 2020 Comments Off on Misssion Rehearsal Training at the NETC

Last Sunday, February 2nd, I flew to BWI to attend a week of Mission Rehearsal Training at the National Emergency Training Center/Emergency Management Institute located in Emmitsburg, MD. After a 90-minute bus drive with about 30 other students, some for the class I would be in and some for other classes taking place that week, […]

“Old Man Bob’s Young Boy Days” – Book Review

Monday , 13, January 2020 Comments Off on “Old Man Bob’s Young Boy Days” – Book Review

A short, but powerful, book that looks like it is meant to be a children’s book but is in reality a book for all of us “more mature” readers and the child that remains within each of us. Bob takes us on a journey to his own childhood, remembering events and occasions from his life […]

Note: It’s taken me several sleepless nights to try and put these words together. They still seem woefully pathetic in expressing the sadness I carry and the good memories of the small part of my friend’s life that I was honored and humbled to be a part of, but I hope they will do it […]

As of today, I only have sixty days left in my 50’s. After that, I will enter my 6th decade on this earth. It doesn’t feel like it’s been THAT long when I look back, but the birth certificate doesn’t lie, right? When I was 19 and in college, I had a professor who was […]

April was a busy month with a variety of good and bad events, which pretty well sums up life in general, doesn’t it? We ended March and began April with a trip to Daytona Beach for our 18th wedding anniversary. But we got a hint of what April might bring when we had to rush […]

A Wonderful Natal Day

Wednesday , 2, July 2014 Comments Off on A Wonderful Natal Day

I’m not much on celebrating or even acknowledging my birthday, but I DO have to say that today was pretty much a great day, all in all. I received many marvelous messages, emails, phone calls, cards and gifts from family and friends, and am grateful for each one. Enjoyed some nice meals, some of them […]

The Sullivans

Friday , 11, April 2014 Comments Off on The Sullivans

Last Thursday night our friends, Kirk and Laura, stopped by to visit before their flight out the next day. They brought a chocolate fudge cake from The Dessert Lady shop in Dr. Phillips and good gawd was it fantastic! As we visited, it occurred to me that we did not have a photo of them […]


Wednesday , 26, March 2014 Comments Off on PillowFix

A friend of mine invented a pretty cool thing a few years back called “PillowFix” and when he recently shared with me the happy news that it will be appearing in the April edition of SkyMall (you know, the shopping magazine in the seatback of almost every major airline in the U.S.), it occurred to […]

Yak & Yeti and Animal Kingdom

Sunday , 23, March 2014 Comments Off on Yak & Yeti and Animal Kingdom

What a wonderful time Cindy and I had with our good friends Kirk and Laura yesterday out at the Disney Animal Kingdom! CIndy and I had not been to Animal Kingdom in at least 4 ½ years, so it was nice to revisit one of our favorite Disney parks. We arrived at the front gate […]