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Hurricane Preparedness – Build a Go Bag or Go Kit

Friday , 1, June 2018 Comments Off on Hurricane Preparedness – Build a Go Bag or Go Kit

The 2018 Hurricane season officially begins today and the forecast from Colorado State University calls for a slightly above-average outlook with a total of 14 named storms (we’ve already had the first named storm), seven hurricanes and three major hurricanes expected. So let’s talk hurricane preparedness. Putting together a Go Bag or Go Kit is one […]

Welcome Summer Solstice – In The Summertime

Sunday , 21, June 2015 Comments Off on Welcome Summer Solstice – In The Summertime

Happy Summer Solstice. Here’s Mungo Jerry and their only hit song in the U.S. from 1970, In The Summertime.

Here in Oklahoma City we’re about to be walloped by remnants of Tropical Storm Bill. Normally, this would not be a problem but OKC is still reeling from flooding and straight-line winds in May (which is why I’m here) and all of the rivers, lakes, ponds and creeks, not to mention the ground itself, are […]

Severe Holiday Weather Alert

Tuesday , 23, December 2014 Comments Off on Severe Holiday Weather Alert

Reports are that severe weather over the holidays will affect ground and air traffic, so be especially careful during your travels.

Ten years ago today Hurricane Charley struck the western coast of south Florida with winds in excess of 135 mph and 6 hours later barreled its way up into Orlando with winds of 100 mph when it hit our neighborhood. Back in August of 2004 I was blogging under the nom de plume of The […]

Throwback Thursday – Hurricane Charley, 2004

Thursday , 29, May 2014 Comments Off on Throwback Thursday – Hurricane Charley, 2004

Since this Sunday is the official start of the 2014 Hurricane Season (are YOU prepared?) I thought it would be appropriate to post this photo from the morning after Hurricane Charley slammed Florida and our neighborhood in Orlando a decade ago. In the photo below, that is the root base of a tree that, with […]

Tornado Safe Rooms

Tuesday , 27, May 2014 Comments Off on Tornado Safe Rooms

If you live in an area prone to tornadoes and you doubt the usefulness of a safe room, take a look at this photo one of our photographers shot a couple of days after the EF4 tornado left a trail of destruction here in Arkansas at the end of last month. The entire home was […]

When Will Winter End?

Wednesday , 9, April 2014 Comments Off on When Will Winter End?

For my friends to the North who may identify with this video and enjoy the lyrics and music adapted from Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sounds of Silence” hit.    

We Should Stop Calling It “Global Warming”

Saturday , 15, February 2014 Comments Off on We Should Stop Calling It “Global Warming”

While scientifically the term “Global Warming” is an accurate and true description of what is undeniably happening, too many people like the parents depicted in this cartoon (or the U.S. Senator who thought he was being clever yesterday when he said “It’s cold. Al Gore told me this wouldn’t happen.”) lock onto the “warming” part […]

Will This Tyranny Never End?

Tuesday , 7, January 2014 Comments Off on Will This Tyranny Never End?

A little bit of humor this morning mixing the uproar about the unusually cold weather here in Central Florida with the ridiculous mantra of the Teabaggers.