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The Queen’s Gambit

Monday , 30, November 2020 Comments Off on The Queen’s Gambit

I spent this past Saturday binge-watching “The Queen’s Gambit” on Netflix. Initially I had not planned on watching it, but several friends on Facebook were singing its praises and a couple of my co-workers were also recommending it, so I figured I’d give it a look. I should say up front that I am a […]

Voting By Mail and the USPS

Friday , 31, July 2020 Comments Off on Voting By Mail and the USPS

My wife mailed 4 packages of her candle products from Orlando to a customer in North Carolina on Monday morning, paying extra for Priority Mail service, which USPS promises will be delivered in 1 to 3 business days. Five days later they haven’t been delivered yet. If you’re going to vote by mail this year […]

Test 2020_07_30

Thursday , 30, July 2020 Comments Off on Test 2020_07_30

This is a test.

“At first I didn’t like my beard. But then it grew on me.” – Unknown Four months ago today, March 18, 2020, I left the beautiful island of Puerto Rico to return to Orlando for some medical appointments. Then, thanks to COVID-19, I discovered I wouldn’t be going back, or anywhere, anytime soon. So I […]

Elvis Presley Quote on Values

Tuesday , 16, June 2020 Comments Off on Elvis Presley Quote on Values

Earlier today I was taking an online course titled, “Decision Making and Problem Solving” that is offered by my employer. It has the usual points this type of course would contain, but also includes points that we, as emergency managers making decisions that affect hundreds to thousands of people impacted by disaster, would also have […]

COVID-19 Disaster Commemorative Coin

Friday , 12, June 2020 Comments Off on COVID-19 Disaster Commemorative Coin

Many times during a disaster declaration, especially larger events like Hurricanes Sandy or Harvey, a group of folks will conduct a contest for designing a disaster-specific logo to use as a commemoration of that declaration. Usually, the winning logo design will be offered on shirts, similar to our official uniform shirts and employees will purchase […]

The World Has Lost A Hero

Sunday , 14, July 2019 Comments Off on The World Has Lost A Hero

The world lost a hero this past Wednesday. His name is Michael Schornstein. He was 48 years and 1 day old, husband to Stephanie and father to 3 adorable children under the age of 5. He was a son and brother. He was a friend to so, so many. I first met Michael several years […]

Earlier this month I “lost” my Bluetooth earpiece, a little technology item that I use quite a bit. So I promptly went online to Amazon and ordered another one, along with some spare ear hooks (the inside ear holders really hurt the interior of my ears, so I prefer the over the ear hooks) because […]

Elevator Etiquette

Thursday , 15, March 2018 Comments Off on Elevator Etiquette

Do you use elevators in the course of your normal day? If not, you may not know about elevator etiquette. Or even realize there is such a thing as elevator etiquette. I use elevators a lot, usually at whatever hotel I may be staying in while traveling because I always request that my room is […]

I can count on one finger (guess which one) the number of times I have used the self-checkout lane at any store I shop at. Actually, I should amend that; I’ve used the self-checkout lane successfully one time, the other three times required an attendant to come over and fix something that went wrong with […]