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Avoiding COVID-19 On Our Road Trip

Friday , 22, May 2020 Comments Off on Avoiding COVID-19 On Our Road Trip

Tomorrow morning we’ll leave for our two week stay at Wolf’s Haven. One of the benefits, to me, of our cabin in the mountains is that we are very much off the usual grid of humanity. But the 11 hour drive to get there has caused me to think and plan how we might go […]

Recently I had to get a new driver’s license and the Department of Motor Vehicles asked if I would like to be an organ donor, a question I’ve been asked before in years past. My answer has always been, “Yes!” I have long been a person who does not care what happens to my body […]

Here’s a photo Cindy shot with her phone of me standing in front of a rock, boulder, piece of the mountain…whatever you want to call it, that is about 10 feet high and not far from Wolf’s Haven on Sheepback Mountain. Ohhhh…you thought it was me and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Sorry to disappoint.

So if you’re a regular reader you’ve noticed that it has been a month since my last post. I’ve missed you. The major culprit in this situation is Verizon and their mobile hotspot that we employ to have internet access at Wolf’s Haven. They are really our only option here due to lack of signal […]

Abby Arriving At Asheville Airport To Visit Us

Sunday , 6, July 2014 Comments Off on Abby Arriving At Asheville Airport To Visit Us

This short video is from a couple of weeks ago showing Abby when she arrived at Asheville Airport to visit us at Wolf’s Haven. It may be difficult to notice, with everything going on, but she does run to granddad first, lol.

This morning we put Amber and Abby on a plane back to Orlando, concluding their 10-day vacation with us here at Wolf’s Haven. Amber wanted to stay busy visiting various places in the area and that is what we did. Cindy and I are worn out, but I think everyone had a good time while […]

Yesterday we ran a few errands in the morning, taking Bella to the vet for her annual shots then walking up from the vet’s office to Main Street in Waynesville to see what might have changed (quite a few things, it turns out) since we left back at the beginning of last November. We stopped […]

We arrived back at Wolf’s Haven and our mountain cabin just about 24 hours ago and it has felt satisfying to be doing things to bring the cabin “back to life”, even for the short amount of time we’ll be spending here and even if that means disposing of a dead body (a mouse was […]

Merry Christmas From Wolf’s Haven

Wednesday , 25, December 2013 Comments Off on Merry Christmas From Wolf’s Haven

We’re not at Wolf’s Haven for Christmas, but I still wanted to wish all a Merry Christmas with this photo of our cabin in the Winter.

Just a few things that have been on or in my mind the past couple of days. Tigger is more accurate than the most precise atomic clock when it comes to his feeding times. 6am and 5pm on the dot and if you haven’t put kitty food in his bowl he is in your face, […]