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With images! Twelve days ago I wrote about my beard growth and included a photo. When I posted it, not only did the photo NOT appear but I noticed that ALL my post photos from the past were also not showing. They were in the media library, right where they should be, but weren’t posting. […]

I’m currently reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs that I bought and had autographed by Mr. Isaacson at the Austin Book Festival this past November.  The man’s life was complicated and the story is mesmerizing…or maybe his life was also mesmerizing. In any case, I am enjoying the look at the dichotomy of art […]

My iPhone Wallpaper

Friday , 1, May 2015 Comments Off on My iPhone Wallpaper

A few weeks ago, one of the members of a Facebook Comic Book Collecting group I’m a member of asked us to post a screen capture of our mobile phone wallpaper. All of those posted, of course, had some tie-in to comic books, comic book movies, characters, etc. Mine, obviously, was this character. What’s your […]

I enjoy the Lifehacker website. They have a wide variety of tech and non-tech pointers that help streamline your life. I make heavy use of their RSS feed in my Feedly reader to keep up with all the good stuff they make available. One of my favorite features of the site is when they have […]

My maternal grandfather was color blind. He could only see shades of gray. Life for him was like the black & white TV of my youth. It did no good to describe colors to him; how could it? You can’t picture something you’ve never seen. To say “The sky is a beautiful blue today.” to […]

Are We In Danger Of Losing Our Digital Memories?

Friday , 20, February 2015 Comments Off on Are We In Danger Of Losing Our Digital Memories?

Last week the “father of the Internet” (no, not Al Gore), Vint Cerf, sounded an alarm about the preservation of digital information, specifically our personal writings and photographic memories, but also government records. His concern is not the disappearance of the actual digital files, but rather the presence of a software program designed to read, […]

Could You Live Without Wi-Fi?

Friday , 16, January 2015 Comments Off on Could You Live Without Wi-Fi?

The presence of wi-fi and what it makes available to our electronic devices, and thus to us, is pretty ubiquitous. If you have it in your home you take it for granted and when you are out and about you generally assume that you will find a free wi-fi signal somewhere (ignoring the security concerns) […]

Fun With Spam – The Tractor Trailer Edition

Tuesday , 30, December 2014 Comments Off on Fun With Spam – The Tractor Trailer Edition

Every once in a while, among all the Viagra, Hot Babe and Penis Enlargement spam I get, some really, REALLY strange ones that just jump out of my spam folder when I review it.   Here’s one I received this morning. Purportedly it is from “City of San Diego” (though the “from” email address is […]

The new Amazon Fire TV Stick was delivered to us today (thank you, Amazon, for arranging Sunday deliveries with the USPS) and I’ve set it up on the TV in our room. Back in October, I believe, Amazon announced the coming release of their Fire TV Stick and for 2 days only offered it for […]

Girl Scout Digital Cookies

Saturday , 6, December 2014 Comments Off on Girl Scout Digital Cookies

I believe we have reached the peak of achievement in technological advances. At least we have if what was announced last week is true; that Girl Scout cookies will now be available to be ordered online! The girls stopped going door-to-door years ago, and I think that was a good thing but I missed the […]