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When I was working on the Jersey Shore last year, I asked some of the local folks where a good place to eat might be when I took the train into “the city” (Manhattan) and without fail they all suggested Shake Shack. As it turned out, I never did go eat there on any of […]

Since I posted the photos of my son J’s Tick painting yesterday, I thought it appropriate that for Throwback Thursday today we look back at an old photo of one of his earliest award-winning pieces of art. This is a drawing (it may have been of his sister, I’m not sure) that J did when […]

I’ve been a fan of The Tick since the cartoon series first appeared on TV in 1994. Spooooon!!! The cartoon only lasted three seasons, which was a travesty. Even worse was that the hilarious live action series that premiered in 2001 only lasted nine episodes. So, a couple of weeks ago when my son presented me […]

I remember asking a vet quite a few years back, “Why do dogs sniff each other’s butts?” and she said, “It’s how they get to know each other.” but she didn’t really go into detail about HOW that whole process works.   This video does. It’s one more reason why I love science.    

This past Tuesday night the WWE came to town at the Amway Center to broadcast live matches for WWE Main Event on the WWE Network that night and to tape matches for WWE SmackDown airing tonight on the Syfy channel. My friend Michelle who runs the CitySurfing Orlando website graciously offered me tickets for my […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Why “Intelligent Design”…Isn’t

Sunday , 27, July 2014 Comments Off on Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Why “Intelligent Design”…Isn’t

Normally watching or posting long videos is not my thing, but I happily make an exception when it comes to the astronomical Neil deGrasse Tyson. So, even though this is almost 42 minutes it is well worth it for the educational and entertainment value you receive. I just about fell out of my chair laughing […]

I don’t usually patronize McDonald’s unless my grandkids want to eat there because the golden arches haven’t appealed to me for a long time. But today, after dropping Cindy off at the DeBary Farmer’s Market so she could have her Mountain Creek Candles booth set up there, I drove to a nearby McDonald’s because they […]

It’s All Relative

Friday , 25, July 2014 Comments Off on It’s All Relative

Thanks to my brother for sharing this cartoon with me.

Throwback Thursday – My Father-In-Law’s 72nd Birthday

Thursday , 24, July 2014 Comments Off on Throwback Thursday – My Father-In-Law’s 72nd Birthday

Tomorrow my father-in-law will turn 80 years old, so in honor of his birthday I thought I’d post this photo from 2006 when he was 72 and still riding a bicycle around the neighborhood. He doesn’t look much different today, which has had me searching his attic for his “picture of Dorian Gray”, though I […]

I came across an interesting article a few weeks ago about things that may influence our dreams. Being an avid dreamer, a weird dreamer and sometimes a nightmare dreamer, I was interested in what things in my life or in this world might be the cause of my somnambulant sojourns. “6 Surprising Things That Can […]