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calvin_and_hobbes_search200pxThe Internet is now complete! Michael Lyingling has opened the Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine, making it possible to look up everything available on everyone’s favorite little boy and his tiger buddy.

TSflylab200pxWhen I was 6 and 7, I discovered some books in my school library that put me on the road to my love of science fiction. Along with The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, I found a series of books about a young man named Tom Swift. I never really noticed that the titles were prefaced with the phrase, “The New Adventures” or considered what that might mean, so it was incredibly interesting to me to come across this article about the history behind those books.

Speaking of books and science fiction, here’s a list and cover gallery of 202 science fiction, fantasy and horror books and novels being published this month, if you’d like to see what’s coming out.

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