Oklahoma Versus Texas Bathroom Graffiti

Most people know that, despite being “sister states” (a term used by officials from both states), there has been a long-time rivalry between The Sooner State and The Lone Star State. Yesterday I saw a little bit of that rivalry manifested on the men’s room wall.

Our office is located in a mall that, 35 years ago was THE place to shop in Oklahoma City but today is populated with a few small businesses and absolutely no anchor stores. Our office is in one of the former locations of a large anchor store. As I walk through the area during the course of my workday, talking to different program area specialists, it is easy to see that no one has been in this building in a long time.

All that to say that, when I stepped into the men’s restroom yesterday and saw this graffiti on the wall of the stall, I knew that it had been there for many years.

Oklahoma Versus Texas Bathroom Graffiti

And yes, I laughed.

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  1. lavendrite says:

    Too funny!!!

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