North Texas Comic Book Show – Sidebar Photos

I attended the North Texas Comic Book Show a couple of weekends ago and you can read about my two days there by clicking here for the first part of day one, here for the second part of day one, and here for day two. Today’s post is just a few photos I took during both days as a sidebar to the main reasons I went to the convention.

My oldest granddaughter, Heather, is going to be taking part in a little bit of cosplay when she attends the MegaCon in Orlando in May with her mom (who is, by the way, only going to ogle guest Jason Momoa) and will dress up as Tohru, one of the main characters in the series Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon.

Cosplay Unmasked bookSo, when I came across a group of cosplayers at the convention that uses their enjoyment of cosplaying to make appearances and visits to children who are in hospitals or recuperating at home from illness or disease or are developmentally disabled, I had to stop and talk to them at their table outside the entrance. They were selling this book, which gives short bios of some of their cosplayers so you can see the different “day” jobs each one has, as well as a look at the characters they like to portray. The best part is that all the profits from this book go toward raising funds for the Heroic Inner Kids and Hope Rising charities. I picked up a copy and then was able to get a few of the cosplayers inside the convention to autograph their pages so I could send it to Heather, hoping that she might enjoy the stories and a look inside the community.


And it’s really fun to see parents bring their younger children to the conventions, especially when they dress up like their favorite characters. I’m not sure who the little girl is dressed as, but it’s obvious the little boy likes Spidey.

Little girl in costume





















Little boy in Spider-man mask

























Here’s Supergirl, who is a bit put off after I had to tell that, while her attention and intentions toward me were flattering, I remain a happily married man who is very much in love with his wife.

















And Wonder Woman hanging out with a Power Ranger (I think) in the bleachers during a panel.

Wonder Woman and Power Ranger










Here are photos from the top of the bleachers at the end of the convention hall showing the crowd on day one and the crowd on day two.

North Texas Comic Book Show Day One Pano

North Texas Comic Book Show Day Two Pano

Finally, I stayed in a wonderful hotel my one night I was there. Especially wonderful since I was their “Member of the Day” guest.

Hotel Whiteboard














And as “Member of the Day” you get these personalized snacks.

Hotel Personalized Snacks













In fact, the desk clerk was so nice to me that I couldn’t bear to point out that she had used the wrong spelling for “you’re” on my key card holder.

Hotel Key Card Holder









All in all, I had a good time. I met some people I wanted to meet, got some things autographed and had some fun while I was at the North Texas Comic Book Show.

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  1. lavendrite says:

    Haha, that is not the only reason I am going! I mentioned the cosplayer book to Heather and she was very excited about it!

  2. J.M. Wetherington Sr. says:

    I put it in the mail to her on Friday so hopefully it is there in the next couple of days.

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