Father’s Day 2014

It was an early start for us this morning as Cindy has another day show in Highlands, NC. We called her dad and wished him a Happy Father’s Day; he has been suffering with a bad cold the past few days. It was too early to call Cindy’s son as they’re an hour behind us, so she sent him an email wishing him a Happy Father’s Day.

I received a call from Cindy’s daughter the other day telling me that my middle granddaughter had made a Father’s Day card for me in daycare. I’ll get to see that on Tuesday when they arrive at Wolf’s Haven on Tuesday.

Last Thursday I received the card below from Cindy’s son and his family. I am always so pleased and humbled by their expression of love.


And finally, last but certainly not least, I received this beautiful card below from my daughter. She has always been my Princess and I remember my mother telling me that no matter how old your children may grow to be, they are always your little ones in your heart. She was absolutely right. I have always tried to balance how I see my daughter in my heart with the beautiful, caring, loving, intelligent and spectacular woman and mother she herself has grown to be. It’s not always easy to keep in mind that while she is still my little girl to me, she has also become a wonderful mother and an adult that I am always so proud to have in my life.


I hope that if you’re a father you have a wonderful day today.

UPDATE: Just received a funny cartoon and Father’s Day wishes from my son.

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  1. Desiree says:

    Happy Father’s Day to you. Love that Yoda card!

  2. I hope you had a happy father’s day! I’m glad you liked the card 🙂

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