Do You VERO?

VERO logoSo, a Facebook friend of mine posted a couple of days ago that she was trying out the VERO-True Social app and I thought I’d look into it.

Facebook has not been my preferred platform for a long time for a variety of reasons. I’m really only interested in seeing posts from my friends, not what FB thinks I should see; I want to see the posts in chronological order, not whatever haphazard way FB decides to show them (especially showing me posts from 3 or 4 days ago); and the fact that, even though they now show ads until you’re blue in the face, we’re still the product with our information being sold to whoever. But, a lot of my family and friends are on FB, just like I am, and it’s the place we can all “gather” around the social campfire, no matter where we may be in the world. So, I try to lock down my information and put up with the other aggravating aspects of it.

Now, I’ve tried other social media platforms that have attempted to break the grip that Facebook has on us all – Google+ and Ello, come immediately to mind – without much success. Some family and friends tried them as well, but not a lot. And then, in the case of Google+, it folded or I just didn’t have as much connection with family and friends as I do on FB.

VERO looks like a much better addition right now. No ads, chronological post order, and, if you’re among the first million users, it’s free for life (or that’s what they say now). I’ve already started following a couple of “celebrities” in the fields of my interests who are on there and sent a friend request to the friend who posted that she was trying it out. I’m hopeful that some of you may want to try it out as well. Here’s a short video about it:

I’m on VERO as jmwetherington. I hope you’ll stop by and look things over and see what you think as well. I’ll still be here on FB, but if VERO is everything they say it is, I would be happy to move most of my posting/reading over to that platform.

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