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Definition of JOTTER: 1:  one that jots down memoranda <a great jotter of notes> It’s admittedly a tenuous connection, but perhaps you can see that I was trying to be clever in adapting the TV series title, “Welcome Back, Kotter” to my blog title where I am “Jotter” or writer. Which is all to say […]

Throwback Thursday – Amber’s Graduation 2000

Thursday , 5, February 2015 Comments Off on Throwback Thursday – Amber’s Graduation 2000

Today’s Throwback Thursday takes us back to the year 2000 and Amber’s high school graduation.

Not much more to say than I what I wrote last year on this date. I just wanted to be sure and mark her passing as a remembrance of how much we loved her and miss her.

This was up in one of the Facebook groups and I thought it was hilarious because A. the kid Tommy seriously tries to tackle the Man of Steel and gets broken because of it and B. Superman is a dick about it; just winking and smiling. My daughter would say Tommy is Seattle and Superman […]