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Lots Going On Today

Tuesday , 20, May 2014 Comments Off on Lots Going On Today

Busy at work and busy in my personal life. Let’s get to all the things on my mind today. My heart was touched when I read this story and saw this photo about a little 5 year old boy who passed away due to cancer and his parents decision to dress as his favorite superheroes […]

Monday through Wednesday night each week, the hotel offers a free dinner to guests. Sometimes the free fare is fit for a king and sometimes the grub is gross. Tonight the hotel was offering hot dogs and potato salad. I never willingly eat hot dogs, though I have choked them down when trying to be […]

I was living in Miami, the hometown and headquarters of the Burger King Corporation, more than 40 years ago when they coined the “Have It your Way” slogan for their flagship burger, The Whopper. Over the intervening years, they’ve expanded the use of that well-known meme for their entire menu. But no more. Today BK, […]

Today we had to endure our first “Goodbye” in External Affairs for this disaster as Crystal, our Resource Manager, is leaving to return home to her husband and two babies. This was my first time working with Crystal, and it was a complete pleasure which I hope to repeat on some other deployment. When you […]

I scanned this about 3 weeks ago when I was still at Wolf’s Haven, going through a box of photos I’ve been trying to get scanned for a couple of years. It’s a photo Ann snapped of Mikey and I when (I think by looking at Mikey) he was 6 months old and was one […]

Me On The Treadmill Yesterday Morning

Tuesday , 13, May 2014 Comments Off on Me On The Treadmill Yesterday Morning

After spending the past 11 nights at the only hotel brand available when I arrived in Little Rock, I was able today to move to a hotel brand that I am always more comfortable staying in. We almost always stay wherever room is available when we first arrive, but as time progresses we all try […]

President Clinton in Vilonia, AR

Sunday , 11, May 2014 Comments Off on President Clinton in Vilonia, AR

Before the car crash last Sunday, I was doing what I do in Vilonia, AR where an EF4 tornado the previous Sunday had destroyed much of the downtown area and was responsible for the deaths of 16 people in the region. DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, Arkansas Governor Mike Bebee, Senator Mark Pryor, Rep. Tim Griffin […]

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Throwback Thursday – My Mom At 6 Months Of Age

Thursday , 8, May 2014 Comments Off on Throwback Thursday – My Mom At 6 Months Of Age

So, last week I mentioned that I found two photos behind a photo of me at the age of one. The first photo was of me and my father when I was four. I’d seen that photo before, but had no idea it was tucked away in the frame. The second photo was one I […]