If You Were a Pizza…

Delicious PizzaIf you were a pizza, what kind of pizza would you be?

I don’t ask this as an existential question or a thought experiment, though it may lead to such for you as you consider.

I ask because last night I had one of the strangest dreams I’ve had in quite a while, and it got me to wondering about the question above.

During my dream, everyone I interacted with was a “pizza person” and by that I don’t mean they liked pizza. I mean they WERE PIZZA.

Pizza bodies with little arms and legs sticking out from the edges of the rounded crust, and faces on the pizza topping.

It was weird.

I saw pepperoni, sausage, veggie, supreme and all other varieties of pizza people. I talked to them, and they to me. Other than their appearance, everything else was quite normal.

I don’t think I was a pizza, but to be honest I don’t remember completely.

Did I say it was weird?

Anyway, after I awakened from my Italian Alice in Wonderland dream, I got to wondering, “If I were a pizza, what kind of pizza would I be?”

I think I’d be my favorite; Alfredo sauce, Feta Cheese and Black Olives.

Or, my second-favorite; Red sauce, Black Olives and Mushrooms.

Might depend on the mood I was in.

And I won’t even get into the various crust types, lol.

How about you? If you were a pizza, what kind of pizza would you be?



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