Black Max Pressure Washer

Black Max Pressure WasherCindy and I drove to Asheville today so that I could go to the Sam’s Club and buy this Black Max Pressure Washer for use around the cabin. I picked it out after some research last week and a couple of days ago one of our neighbors told me that he had bought the same unit and that it did an excellent job of cleaning his deck.

Two years ago I stained the deck and stairs (front and side) of the cabin and they looked very nice, if I do say so myself. Last year I had no time to clean and restain them and by the time I got back home 10 days ago, they all looked pretty shabby. I was warned that keeping the deck and stairs in shape was a yearly chore and it definitely is!

In addition, our higher windows need cleaning badly. The regular water hose pressure is not enough to do more than wet them and that just doesn’t cut it. And I can use this to clean the mud off the car that constantly accumulates from the gravel roads.

So it will be put to good use in the next week or so as I get things ready around the cabin before winter arrives and we depart.

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