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jeff_beard_headshot_closeI live in a log cabin on a mountain in Western North Carolina, just at the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with my wife, our Golden Retriever, Bella, and our Tabby cat, Tigger. I enjoy hiking, camping, art, travel, am an avid amateur photographer, and enjoy an occasional glass of good wine while reading or writing in front of the fireplace.

My job takes me all across the country, which allows me to visit places I would never normally have the opportunity to visit. And it allows me the opportunity to serve those in need.

This site will be filled with posts about my interests, opinions and thoughts; all of which are varied and, most importantly, mine. In addition to the ones listed above, my interests include comic books, professional wrestling, movies, TV shows, technology, humor and current events.

I’m also a freelance writer and blogger who has written for, among others, Tribune Media Services, Suite101 and Athena Guides, though not in the past couple of years. My writing website is The Word of Jeff and my writing blog is The Word of Jeff Blog. My posts about writing will, for the most part, be confined to that blog.

I hope you’ll look around this site, comment where applicable and enjoy your time while here.