What’s With These Smart-Ass Comic Kids Today?

Monday , 31, March 2014 Comments Off on What’s With These Smart-Ass Comic Kids Today?

First we have Billy from Family Circus (dressed in a shirt, tie and pale blue sweater, of all things) casually asking his hardworking dad “Did anyone EVER think you were cool?” Dad should have replied, “Look you little yuppie wannabe, I put a roof over your head, food in  your stomach and those silly clothes on your back. I’m DAMN cool!”


Then that little brat Dennis gives his dad a backhanded compliment, the kind that makes you feel like crap. “Hey dad, you might be a skinny little nebbish who couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag and you don’t look anything like this fine specimen of manhood on TV, but don’t worry, you’re still my hero!”