Welcome Back, Jotter

Welcome to Florida signDefinition of JOTTER:

1:  one that jots down memoranda <a great jotter of notes>

It’s admittedly a tenuous connection, but perhaps you can see that I was trying to be clever in adapting the TV series title, “Welcome Back, Kotter” to my blog title where I am “Jotter” or writer.

Which is all to say “I’m baaaacccckkkkk” (though not as crazy as Randy Quaid) to The Sunshine State.



Florida Drivers LicenseThursday, Cindy and I made our return to Florida residency official when we went to the Orange County DMV office and received our new Florida driver’s licenses and Florida tag and title for our vehicle. I even gave in and got a haircut before the photo was taken so I did not look like an escaped serial killer (it has been 6 months since my last haircut), though I DID retain the beard, much to Cindy’s consternation. Perhaps I’ll wait until my official retirement in a couple of years (yeah, I’m THAT OLD) to begin growing my hair back out to the length it used to be 18 or 19 years ago. It should also be completely white by that time.


I was going to go next Friday and get an Orange County Library System card, but I just discovered you can order one online from the site. I love modern technology!

We have changed almost all our postal mail addresses and arranged for periodic checks on the cabin at Wolf’s Haven. For the time being, we’re back to living in Florida and Wolf’s Haven will be a vacation destination when we can go for a visit.

So it’s back to sunshine and sand and feeling like you’re swimming in the humidity. But it’s also back to being nearer to family and, in addition to being a pleasure, that’s what is needed right now.


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  1. lavendrite says:

    I am still SMH over that Randy Quaid clip.. But welcome back!!!

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