Trader Joe’s $2.99 Wine

Trader Joe's CabAfter I flew into Asheville last Friday, Cindy and I made several stops around the city before coming home to Wolf’s Haven. One of those stops was to visit the brand new Trader Joe’s that just opened in the “Paris of the South” a few days earlier.

Even though I had visited the Trader Joe’s near our office in New Jersey many times while I was there this past year, I never tried their vaunted  $2.99 wine.

So we picked up a bottle of the Cabernet Sauvignon and for the past two nights I’ve enjoyed a glass with our dinner.

It’s not the best Cab I’ve ever had, but it’s also not the worst. In fact, I’ve tasted worse that cost much more. A bit stronger in taste than I prefer, but not so much that I could not still enjoy its full-bodied flavor. All in all, it is indeed a good bargain. I think I’ll pick up a bottle of the Merlot to try next time.

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