Throwback Thursday – J As A Budding Young Artist In 1987

Thursday , 31, July 2014 2 Comments

Since I posted the photos of my son J’s Tick painting yesterday, I thought it appropriate that for Throwback Thursday today we look back at an old photo of one of his earliest award-winning pieces of art.

This is a drawing (it may have been of his sister, I’m not sure) that J did when he was in the 3rd or 4th grade, I believe, so it would have been around 1987. Maybe my daughter can clarify in the comments.


You can see that he already possessed a good eye and more talent than the rest of his classmates. He’s always been extremely creative and artistic and can express that in writing, in art and in music.


2 thoughts on “ : Throwback Thursday – J As A Budding Young Artist In 1987”
  • lavendrite says:

    I don’t believe that was of me, I think it may be of a classmate of his. Not 100% sure though.

  • J.M. Wetherington Sr. says:

    Thanks for weighing in on it 🙂