The Joys Of Being A Granddad

Tuesday , 8, July 2014 1 Comment

For one thing, you get some great handmade cards and gifts.

Last week for my birthday, my oldest granddaughter, Heather, gave me this wonderful birthday card she made herself, incorporating some of my favorite superheroes.




It’s difficult to get the smile off my face every time I look at it!

Last month, before Amber and Abby came to visit us at Wolf’s Haven, Abby’s daycare staff had all the kids make an art project to give their dads for Father’s Day. Abby made one for me instead, but it was too fragile to pack in their suitcases for the flight up to see us when they visited a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday, I finally got to see it and something got in my eye but it’s gone now, I think. No, wait, there it is again…


And if you had difficulty reading a 4 year old’s writing, someone was kind enough to write it out on the back.


As the bumper sticker says; If I had known grandchildren would be so much fun I would have had them first!


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  • lavendrite says:

    Wow, that’s really good writing!