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Lots Going On Today

Tuesday , 20, May 2014 Comments Off on Lots Going On Today

Busy at work and busy in my personal life. Let’s get to all the things on my mind today. My heart was touched when I read this story and saw this photo about a little 5 year old boy who passed away due to cancer and his parents decision to dress as his favorite superheroes […]

Just Chillin’

Thursday , 6, February 2014 Comments Off on Just Chillin’

It’s almost 10pm, I’m watching/half watching “Oblivion” though I keep wondering why. Just to see what the hell has been going on and how it will end, I guess. Cindy is spending the night with Amber and Abby tonight and Cindy’s parents are out watching Nicholas Nickleby out at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater so it’s […]

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