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National Pet Day 2018

Wednesday , 11, April 2018 Comments Off on National Pet Day 2018

Today is National Pet Day and tomorrow marks 7 years since we rescued Bella, so I thought I’d combine the two events into this one post. I’m reluctant to refer to Tigger or Bella as “pets” as they are more like members of our family. I’ve certainly spent more on food and medical care for […]

Happy National Dog Day

Wednesday , 26, August 2015 Comments Off on Happy National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day, observed by those of us who love our own dogs and/or any dog. Here’s a picture of our beloved Wolf in March of 2000 when he was a puppy and our sweet Noise. Cindy already had Noise when we met in 1996, but in 2000 she wanted another puppy for […]

Merry Christmas From Wolf’s Haven

Wednesday , 25, December 2013 Comments Off on Merry Christmas From Wolf’s Haven

We’re not at Wolf’s Haven for Christmas, but I still wanted to wish all a Merry Christmas with this photo of our cabin in the Winter.

Three years ago today we lost Wolf. Cindy and I were sitting at the table eating dinner and talking about a show she might do in Tennessee. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Wolf get up from where he was lying on the floor near us, move even closer and lie down […]

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