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It’s that time of year. News is trickling out this week and will next week, I’m sure, about TV shows that have been canceled. Usually, if a show has made it through at least one season, then it has gained followers (though not enough or it wouldn’t get cancelled, right?) who will be disappointed, from […]

Catching Up On “The Walking Dead”

Friday , 9, January 2015 Comments Off on Catching Up On “The Walking Dead”

Due to a multitude of reasons, I missed seasons 3, 4 and the beginning of the current season 5 of “The Walking Dead.” But, thanks to Netflix, I was able to binge watch seasons 3 and 4 and thanks to the AMC New Year’s Day Walking Dead Marathon I was able to DVR the eight […]

See if you can identify this celebrity from his days in college. I didn’t recognize him until I was told who he is. Hopefully you’ll do better at it than I did.

I don’t think there’s any other time of year that has so many cartoons or movies dedicated to or centered around the holiday we call Christmas. And I guess it’s the influence of some of them that have been around since I was a kid that have ingrained them into being such a part of […]

Original Star Trek TV Guide Listing

Saturday , 13, December 2014 Comments Off on Original Star Trek TV Guide Listing

Back on September 8, 1966 the Original Star Trek TV series premiered in the 8:30 to 9:30pm time slot. I was 11 years old and if I’m remembering correctly I convinced my mom to let me stay up and watch it, even though it was a school night (remember, no VHS tape recorders or DVR’s […]

The new Amazon Fire TV Stick was delivered to us today (thank you, Amazon, for arranging Sunday deliveries with the USPS) and I’ve set it up on the TV in our room. Back in October, I believe, Amazon announced the coming release of their Fire TV Stick and for 2 days only offered it for […]

1960’s Batman TV Series Coming To DVD

Saturday , 5, July 2014 Comments Off on 1960’s Batman TV Series Coming To DVD

I was 10 years old in January of 1966 when the Batman TV series premiered on a Wednesday night. I was already a regular reader/collector of the Batman comic books and a regular viewer of the late 1950’s Superman TV series which was airing in reruns, so to say I was excited that night would […]

Captain America’s To Do List – Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

Friday , 21, March 2014 Comments Off on Captain America’s To Do List – Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

Two days ago I was watching the first 11 minutes of the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie that opens two weeks from today. In the opening scene we find out that Cap, aka Steve Rogers, who is trying to catch up on recent history and pop culture following his 70-year suspended animation, has […]

My Top 10 Things That Turn 50 In 2014

Wednesday , 12, March 2014 Comments Off on My Top 10 Things That Turn 50 In 2014

Over at Mental Floss, they have a post up about “50 Things That Turn 50 in 2014” and there are some really cool things listed that are turning 50 this year. I turned 9 years old in 1964, so I remember most of these (obviously NOT things like who was born that year) and thought […]

“Zombeavers” Trailer

Sunday , 9, March 2014 Comments Off on “Zombeavers” Trailer

I was reading an article about an otter attacking and killing an alligator in the Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge in Florida (who knew those sweet looking little otters could be so deadly?) and someone posted this trailer for the new movie, “Zombeavers”, in the comments. It’s silly looking, but also kind of funny, and […]

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