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Did You Know…That Mount Vesuvius Destroyed Pompeii On This Date?

Monday , 24, August 2015 Comments Off on Did You Know…That Mount Vesuvius Destroyed Pompeii On This Date?

Mount Vesuvius erupted, destroying the Roman city of Pompeii, on this date in the year 79. Pompeii was about five miles away from the mountain, and it was a resort town for Rome’s elite. It’s estimated that about 20,000 people lived in and around Pompeii at that time, and most of them were able to […]

School starts back in a couple of weeks and Cindy and I will be heading back to Wolf’s Haven in three weeks for a couple of months, so I wanted to take the opportunity in the next two weeks to spend some extra time with my three oldest grandchildren before we all go our separate […]

Throwback Thursday – Disney Cruise – Nassau – May, 1999

Thursday , 23, July 2015 Comments Off on Throwback Thursday – Disney Cruise – Nassau – May, 1999

In May of 1999, Cindy and I took a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. We had a great time! This picture, that Cindy took in Nassau, originally appeared on a web page I used to post our photos and gave me a chance to poke fun at myself and […]

I’d “Sooner” Not – Part 2

Saturday , 11, July 2015 Comments Off on I’d “Sooner” Not – Part 2

As I mentioned in Part one of “I’d “Sooner” Not”, driving around Oklahoma City has brought back memories. Here is another early one of our time when we first arrived here 38 (or maybe it was 39) years ago. During one of the early days of my arrival here in June, I was driving to […]

On April 19, 1995, at 9:02 am, the single largest act of domestic terrorism our country has ever experienced took place at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was a day that began like any other day for the Federal workers, visitors to the various agencies in the building and […]

Big Time Professional Wrasslin’ in OKC

Monday , 6, July 2015 Comments Off on Big Time Professional Wrasslin’ in OKC

So when I arrived at our office, which turned out to be in a what-used-to-be-mall-that-everyone-went-to but, not so much anymore, on my first day at work there was this poster on the entry door, advertising an upcoming show put on by the Mid-South Wrestling Alliance. I like going to local wrestling events and watching the […]

Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road Redux

Wednesday , 24, June 2015 Comments Off on Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road Redux

Today I was driving in Western Oklahoma from a meeting around 11:30 in the morning, heading back to Oklahoma City. I had just completed a phone call with Cindy, using my hands-free bluetooth earpiece (of course) and was listening to a podcast as I steered down the two lane paved road. As I scanned the […]

This won’t interest many people, but TripAdvisor sent me this graphic a few days ago showing that my measly 7 reviews of places I’ve been (I probably should do more on TA, but I’ve usually just posted them to this blog instead) have garnered 5,230 views by fellow travelers. I’m sure other, more prolific reviewers […]

Severe Holiday Weather Alert

Tuesday , 23, December 2014 Comments Off on Severe Holiday Weather Alert

Reports are that severe weather over the holidays will affect ground and air traffic, so be especially careful during your travels.

Great Woodland Adventure

Wednesday , 10, December 2014 Comments Off on Great Woodland Adventure

I’m finally catching up on photos I took when Amber and Abby visited us in June of this year. After we hiked back from Hickory Nut Falls, I walked down to get our car from the parking lot and drove up to pick up Cindy, Amber and Abby, then we drove back toward the entrance […]

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