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Happy Pi Day

Wednesday , 14, March 2018 Comments Off on Happy Pi Day

It’s a math nerd’s favorite day of the year, Pi Day! So named because today’s date, 3/14, corresponds to the first 3 digits of the irrational and transcendental number known as Pi (the Greek symbol π ) which those same math nerds use to represent a constant. That constant is the ratio of the circumference […]

Happy Pi Day 2015

Saturday , 14, March 2015 Comments Off on Happy Pi Day 2015

March 14th, 3.14, is celebrated around the world as Pi Day every year. But this year’s Pi Day is even more significant because this year it is 2015 and the first 5 numbers of pi correspond to the format we sometimes give dates; in this case March 14, 2015 is 3.1415. Pi is a mathematical […]

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