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Hurricane Preparedness – Build a Go Bag or Go Kit

Friday , 1, June 2018 Comments Off on Hurricane Preparedness – Build a Go Bag or Go Kit

The 2018 Hurricane season officially begins today and the forecast from Colorado State University calls for a slightly above-average outlook with a total of 14 named storms (we’ve already had the first named storm), seven hurricanes and three major hurricanes expected. So let’s talk hurricane preparedness. Putting together a Go Bag or Go Kit is one […]

National Pet Day 2018

Wednesday , 11, April 2018 Comments Off on National Pet Day 2018

Today is National Pet Day and tomorrow marks 7 years since we rescued Bella, so I thought I’d combine the two events into this one post. I’m reluctant to refer to Tigger or Bella as “pets” as they are more like members of our family. I’ve certainly spent more on food and medical care for […]

Happy National Dog Day

Wednesday , 26, August 2015 Comments Off on Happy National Dog Day

Today is National Dog Day, observed by those of us who love our own dogs and/or any dog. Here’s a picture of our beloved Wolf in March of 2000 when he was a puppy and our sweet Noise. Cindy already had Noise when we met in 1996, but in 2000 she wanted another puppy for […]

Not much more to say than I what I wrote last year on this date. I just wanted to be sure and mark her passing as a remembrance of how much we loved her and miss her.

Throwback Thursday – Bella As A Puppy In April Of 2011

Thursday , 14, August 2014 Comments Off on Throwback Thursday – Bella As A Puppy In April Of 2011

We arrived back at Wolf’s Haven and our mountain cabin just about 24 hours ago and it has felt satisfying to be doing things to bring the cabin “back to life”, even for the short amount of time we’ll be spending here and even if that means disposing of a dead body (a mouse was […]

Woke up this morning to an email from the hosting service that has Cindy’s business website telling me that there was malware on the site and I have 7 days to clean it up or they will take it offline. I’ve spent most of today finding the malware scripts (nothing harmful, per se, just SEO […]

Miscellaneous Meanderings

Tuesday , 18, February 2014 Comments Off on Miscellaneous Meanderings

Tonight I’m “batching” it while Cindy’s parents are out of town and Cindy is spending the night with Amber and Abby. We went to Lake Underhill this morning and walked 2.8 miles. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my cell phone at home so wasn’t able to record it on the “MapMyWalk” app. Then most of the […]

It was 3 years ago today that our beloved Squeaky passed away quietly as Cindy and I held her in our arms in the veterinarian’s office. She had been an important and loving part of our lives for 12 years, having come to us from my grandmother when she passed away in 1999. It was […]

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