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On April 19, 1995, at 9:02 am, the single largest act of domestic terrorism our country has ever experienced took place at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was a day that began like any other day for the Federal workers, visitors to the various agencies in the building and […]

Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road Redux

Wednesday , 24, June 2015 Comments Off on Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road Redux

Today I was driving in Western Oklahoma from a meeting around 11:30 in the morning, heading back to Oklahoma City. I had just completed a phone call with Cindy, using my hands-free bluetooth earpiece (of course) and was listening to a podcast as I steered down the two lane paved road. As I scanned the […]

Most people know that, despite being “sister states” (a term used by officials from both states), there has been a long-time rivalry between The Sooner State and The Lone Star State. Yesterday I saw a little bit of that rivalry manifested on the men’s room wall. Our office is located in a mall that, 35 […]

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