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COVID-19 Disaster Commemorative Coin

Friday , 12, June 2020 Comments Off on COVID-19 Disaster Commemorative Coin

Many times during a disaster declaration, especially larger events like Hurricanes Sandy or Harvey, a group of folks will conduct a contest for designing a disaster-specific logo to use as a commemoration of that declaration. Usually, the winning logo design will be offered on shirts, similar to our official uniform shirts and employees will purchase […]

Are We Overreacting to COVID-19?

Tuesday , 17, March 2020 Comments Off on Are We Overreacting to COVID-19?

Interesting timing on this article (go read it, I’ll wait here) as just yesterday I had a friend of mine ask (via text) a lot of these same questions, which essentially boil down to, “Is this all just a huge overreaction?” It’s a fair question and, given some of the extreme provisions that have been […]

Novel Coronavirus

Monday , 16, March 2020 Comments Off on Novel Coronavirus

When I first heard about the Novel Coronavirus, I thought it was new book about a worldwide pandemic. Turns out, this is a “book” I don’t want to read. But we’re strapped into our chairs with our heads belted into position and our eyelids held open against our will as we’re forced to watch this […]

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