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Note: It’s taken me several sleepless nights to try and put these words together. They still seem woefully pathetic in expressing the sadness I carry and the good memories of the small part of my friend’s life that I was honored and humbled to be a part of, but I hope they will do it […]

Throwback Thursday – Cindy And I Atop Waterrock Knob 2010

Thursday , 16, April 2015 Comments Off on Throwback Thursday – Cindy And I Atop Waterrock Knob 2010

In June of 2010 Cindy and I moved to Maggie Valley and in October our friend Liz came up to spend a week with us. One day the three of us hiked to the top of Waterrock Knob, off the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Liz took this photo of us. Good memories!

Elk In The Cataloochee Valley

Wednesday , 9, July 2014 Comments Off on Elk In The Cataloochee Valley

After unexpectedly seeing a huge bull elk in Maggie Valley earlier in the day on Wednesday, June 25th and enjoying a pleasant walk around Lake Junaluska, we drove to the Cataloochee Valley in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park at dusk to see the nightly arrival of the elk coming out of the woods into […]

Elk In Maggie Valley

Monday , 7, July 2014 Comments Off on Elk In Maggie Valley

On Wednesday, June 25th we planned to walk around Lake Junaluska and then drive up to see the elk at Cataloochee, but driving down the main highway in Maggie Valley on the way to Lake Junaluska we were alerted that a full grown bull elk had made its way into Maggie and was easily visible […]

This morning we put Amber and Abby on a plane back to Orlando, concluding their 10-day vacation with us here at Wolf’s Haven. Amber wanted to stay busy visiting various places in the area and that is what we did. Cindy and I are worn out, but I think everyone had a good time while […]

Lunch At The Cataloochee Ranch In Maggie Valley

Tuesday , 24, June 2014 Comments Off on Lunch At The Cataloochee Ranch In Maggie Valley

Monday we took Amber and Abby up to the Cataloochee Ranch for lunch and a chance to see the horses they keep at the ranch. Thanks very much to the great staff at Cataloochee Ranch for making our day such a fun one!

We arrived back at Wolf’s Haven and our mountain cabin just about 24 hours ago and it has felt satisfying to be doing things to bring the cabin “back to life”, even for the short amount of time we’ll be spending here and even if that means disposing of a dead body (a mouse was […]

Merry Christmas From Wolf’s Haven

Wednesday , 25, December 2013 Comments Off on Merry Christmas From Wolf’s Haven

We’re not at Wolf’s Haven for Christmas, but I still wanted to wish all a Merry Christmas with this photo of our cabin in the Winter.

“Come and listen to a story ‘bout a man named Jeff Poor mountaineer couldn’t tell right from left” Ah, OK that’s all I’ve got. It’s been a long day of packing and getting things ready for us to head to sunny Florida. I’m tired and my brain is tired. I’m writing this Monday night, but […]

Just a few things that have been on or in my mind the past couple of days. Tigger is more accurate than the most precise atomic clock when it comes to his feeding times. 6am and 5pm on the dot and if you haven’t put kitty food in his bowl he is in your face, […]

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