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Mt. Rushmore Of Comic Book Artists – Part 2

Monday , 31, August 2015 Comments Off on Mt. Rushmore Of Comic Book Artists – Part 2

Note: I originally wrote this as a single post, but it turned out to be much too long for a single reading, so I divided it up into 4 parts; 1 for each artist. Part 1 contains my intro to the article (which you may find helpful if you have not read it yet) and […]

John Byrne Splash Pages

Friday , 8, May 2015 Comments Off on John Byrne Splash Pages

One of my favorite comic book artists is John Byrne. Byrne is retired now and usually only does commission drawings for fans. One of the things on my bucket list is to purchase such a drawing from him some day when I have more money to afford such an extravagant item. Over at Diversions of […]

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