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Sunday Morning Fire Alarms

Sunday , 21, January 2018 Comments Off on Sunday Morning Fire Alarms

There’s nothing like having fire alarms go off for 25 minutes on a Sunday morning at 8am to start your day off right. I had already been up since 4am (Thursday and Friday nights I was nightmare-free for the first time in a couple of weeks, but last night they returned and had awakened me), […]

Monday through Wednesday night each week, the hotel offers a free dinner to guests. Sometimes the free fare is fit for a king and sometimes the grub is gross. Tonight the hotel was offering hot dogs and potato salad. I never willingly eat hot dogs, though I have choked them down when trying to be […]

After spending the past 11 nights at the only hotel brand available when I arrived in Little Rock, I was able today to move to a hotel brand that I am always more comfortable staying in. We almost always stay wherever room is available when we first arrive, but as time progresses we all try […]

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