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Father’s Day 2018

Sunday , 17, June 2018 Comments Off on Father’s Day 2018

It’s been three years since I shared my Father’s Day cards, gifts, and calls here, so I thought Father’s Day 2018 was perhaps time again. First up is this awesome cap from my youngest grandchildren, Jade and Maxwell. Cindy is going to be bringing it to me in a couple of weeks when she comes […]

Father’s Day Cards 2015

Tuesday , 7, July 2015 Comments Off on Father’s Day Cards 2015

I got some wonderful cards for Father’s Day and thought I’d share them. Thanks to all who helped me enjoy Father’s Day 2015!

For one thing, you get some great handmade cards and gifts. Last week for my birthday, my oldest granddaughter, Heather, gave me this wonderful birthday card she made herself, incorporating some of my favorite superheroes.   It’s difficult to get the smile off my face every time I look at it! Last month, before Amber […]

It was an early start for us this morning as Cindy has another day show in Highlands, NC. We called her dad and wished him a Happy Father’s Day; he has been suffering with a bad cold the past few days. It was too early to call Cindy’s son as they’re an hour behind us, […]

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