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Woke up this morning to an email from the hosting service that has Cindy’s business website telling me that there was malware on the site and I have 7 days to clean it up or they will take it offline. I’ve spent most of today finding the malware scripts (nothing harmful, per se, just SEO […]

Why Dogs Spin Before Pooping

Friday , 14, February 2014 Comments Off on Why Dogs Spin Before Pooping

If you own a dog and it turns in circles before relieving itself, this video explains why that may be happening.

Man’s (And Toddler’s) Best Friend

Thursday , 12, September 2013 Comments Off on Man’s (And Toddler’s) Best Friend

I love this story! It’s great that the four-legged family member made it clear he did not like the woman because she mistreated the little toddler she was supposed to be caring for and that the mom picked up on the dog’s behavior as a clue that something might be amiss.

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