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Do You VERO?

Monday , 26, February 2018 Comments Off on Do You VERO?

So, a Facebook friend of mine posted a couple of days ago that she was trying out the VERO-True Social app and I thought I’d look into it. Facebook has not been my preferred platform for a long time for a variety of reasons. I’m really only interested in seeing posts from my friends, not […]

This and That

Friday , 23, February 2018 Comments Off on This and That

Just a collection of this and that from recent things I’ve read, seen or experienced. Barnes and Noble Going Under? I know, I know, we keep hearing it more and more over the past few years but this piece from CNBC makes it seem even closer at hand, what with the layoffs of their lead […]

Here are the places on the Internet and Social Media where you can find me in 2015.   Visit my Blog Follow me on Twitter Network with me on LinkedIn Connect with me on Google+ Facebook with me Tumbl with me on Tumblr Share photos with me on Instagram […]

Visiting My Brother In Clearwater

Sunday , 13, April 2014 Comments Off on Visiting My Brother In Clearwater

Last Saturday Cindy and I drove from Orlando to Clearwater to spend the day visiting with my younger brother, Mark, and my niece, Diana. I hadn’t seen Mark since our last get together in Manhattan on March 10, 2013 and I’m not even going to guess how much longer it had been since he and […]

The Facebook Look Back Parody

Friday , 7, February 2014 Comments Off on The Facebook Look Back Parody

If you’re on Facebook then you’ve recently been gifted with the Facebook Look Back video, a nice little montage of your time on Facebook through your most popular posts and photos. I haven’t heard of anyone yet saying they were unhappy with their 1:02 minute production. But here’s a parody version of Facebook’s Look Back […]

More On Facebook Autoplay Ad Videos

Thursday , 19, December 2013 Comments Off on More On Facebook Autoplay Ad Videos

Kimberlee Morrison of Social Times agrees with me that the new intrusion of Facebook Autoplay Ad Videos is a bad idea, but adds a helpful suggestion for Facebook to lessen the alienation that many users are feeling; allow the user to customize the ads presented. What do you think? No ads at all, or are […]

I do very little on Facebook these days except to have my blog entries, my Foursquare check-ins, Map My Walk metrics, Goodread books and GetGlue movies or TV shows automatically post on my wall. I comment on family and friends’ posts and occasionally share some of those posts, but it’s been quite a while since […]

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