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It was 58 years ago this month that the newspaper comic strip (although not a strip, strictly speaking), The Family Circus, first appeared. In fact, 1960 was a Leap Year and the first cartoon appeared on February 29th, 1960, making it impossible for me to post its birthday on the actual date until 2020, so […]

Superman And Mighty Mouse

Friday , 29, May 2015 Comments Off on Superman And Mighty Mouse

The Mother Goose & Grimm comic strip below appeared in today’s newspapers across the country. I laughed when I first saw it, and then my mind started working, which is seldom a good thing. As a kid, Mighty Mouse was one of the first cartoons I watched on TV. I loved the operatic theme song, […]

Veterans Day In The Newspaper Comic Strips

Tuesday , 11, November 2014 Comments Off on Veterans Day In The Newspaper Comic Strips

I very rarely agree with the conservative newspaper comic strip “From The Right: Mallard Fillmore” but I wholeheartedly agree with the message of today’s Veterans Day strip…with the slight addition that we, as a nation, SHOULD be doing more to repay those who serve this country, ESPECIALLY those who bear the scars of combat. And […]

Calvin’s Final Talk With Hobbes

Wednesday , 9, July 2014 Comments Off on Calvin’s Final Talk With Hobbes

I am a huge fan of “Calvin and Hobbes” and have mourned their absence of original strips since Bill Watterson retired the strip almost 20 years ago. But I wasn’t always such a huge fan. When the strip first debuted almost 30 years ago I was not impressed. My initial reaction was, “What a brat!”, […]

“I Will Look For You…”

Wednesday , 9, July 2014 Comments Off on “I Will Look For You…”

This Mother Goose and Grimm strip in today’s comics section made me laugh out loud.

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