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Note: I originally wrote this as a single post, but it turned out to be much too long for a single reading, so I divided it up into 4 parts; 1 for each artist. Someone raised the question of who I would choose to be on my Mt. Rushmore of comic book artists. That is, […]

Superman And Mighty Mouse

Friday , 29, May 2015 Comments Off on Superman And Mighty Mouse

The Mother Goose & Grimm comic strip below appeared in today’s newspapers across the country. I laughed when I first saw it, and then my mind started working, which is seldom a good thing. As a kid, Mighty Mouse was one of the first cartoons I watched on TV. I loved the operatic theme song, […]

It’s that time of year. News is trickling out this week and will next week, I’m sure, about TV shows that have been canceled. Usually, if a show has made it through at least one season, then it has gained followers (though not enough or it wouldn’t get cancelled, right?) who will be disappointed, from […]

John Byrne Splash Pages

Friday , 8, May 2015 Comments Off on John Byrne Splash Pages

One of my favorite comic book artists is John Byrne. Byrne is retired now and usually only does commission drawings for fans. One of the things on my bucket list is to purchase such a drawing from him some day when I have more money to afford such an extravagant item. Over at Diversions of […]

Cold, Celtic Thunder, Fantastic Four & Jogging

Saturday , 31, January 2015 Comments Off on Cold, Celtic Thunder, Fantastic Four & Jogging

I’m finally beginning to feel human again, after a week of whatever this cold/flu illness was that I had. I’ve still got a bit of cough and congestion and I’m still feeling very tired, but at least I don’t have all those things magnified along with the aches, fever and headache I went through most […]

Great News For 2015 – Jack Kirby Biography Coming

Sunday , 18, January 2015 Comments Off on Great News For 2015 – Jack Kirby Biography Coming

Mark Evanier, who probably knows more about the man outside of his own children and grandchildren, indicates that he will be (hopefully) completing a biography of the late, great, comic book artist and writer, Jack “King” Kirby this year. Kirby passed away 21 years ago next month. Evanier writes that he has almost 250,000 words […]

Favorite Comic Book Covers – Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #81

Friday , 16, January 2015 Comments Off on Favorite Comic Book Covers – Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #81

This issue is cover dated February 1968 which means it was actually released in December 1967, as most comic books were cover dated 2 months in advance of their publication. So let’s get the first and most obvious thought out of everyone’s mind; it was NOT the possible death of Lois Lane that attracted me […]

Son-O’-God Comics

Wednesday , 7, January 2015 Comments Off on Son-O’-God Comics

For the past few weeks, as I’ve noted here and here,  I’ve been reading old copies of comic books from my youth. But in addition to that I’ve been revisiting one of the best satirical magazines of all time, National Lampoon. In late 1971 I was a junior in high school and had just turned […]

Happy 92nd Birthday To Stan Lee

Sunday , 28, December 2014 Comments Off on Happy 92nd Birthday To Stan Lee

Born on this date in 1922 in Manhattan, NY, Stanley Martin Lieber would grow up to rename himself Stan Lee and become the editor and eventual publisher of Marvel Comics, in addition to many other entertainment industry projects and businesses. But it is as writer, editor and publisher of Marvel Comics that most people of […]

During the holiday season I’ll be posting some of my favorite comic books with a Christmas theme on their covers. Here’s DC Comics’ “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” and Rudolph will be guiding Santa’s sleigh tonight.

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