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Imagine, if you will, the joy and awe you could feel driving or riding down a highway and seeing a highway art gallery, so to speak, with painted masterpieces along the side of the road accompanied by information about those works of art streaming through your radio. I think this caught my eye because I’m […]

Since I posted the photos of my son J’s Tick painting yesterday, I thought it appropriate that for Throwback Thursday today we look back at an old photo of one of his earliest award-winning pieces of art. This is a drawing (it may have been of his sister, I’m not sure) that J did when […]

Happy Birthday Leonardo da Vinci

Tuesday , 15, April 2014 Comments Off on Happy Birthday Leonardo da Vinci

One of the greatest inventive, scientific and artistic minds of all time, Leonardo da Vinci, was born on this date in 1452. When I visited France in 2007, a major highlight of the visit was touring da Vinci’s final home in Clos Lucé near the king’s residence at the royal Château d’Amboise. Last night my […]

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