Superman Robe

Saturday , 25, January 2014 Comments Off on Superman Robe

Superman RobeYou know, having all kinds of Superman memorabilia like cups, glasses, banks, the Superman emblem, a plaster statue of Superman, a stuffed Superman doll, Superman action figures (standing and flying), Superman shampoo bottles, Superman playing cards, key chains, a Superman iPhone case, books, Superman T-shirts, comics and even the full costume, cape and all, hanging in my closet should be enough for a Superman fan like myself.

But it’s not.

I think this Superman robe will make a perfect birthday gift for me this year. It would go great with my Superman underwear (not underoos, actual underwear). It would make me feel like Superman, just relaxing in my Fortress of Solitude.

P.S. I don’t REALLY have a full Superman costume hanging in my closet, but this robe would be close, wouldn’t it?