Sunday Evening’s Neighborhood Santa Event

Yesterday evening the neighborhood that my in-laws live in had a visit by Santa for all the neighborhood kids, courtesy of the nearby Orlando Fire Department Station and their dedicated firefighters.

Cindy and I, along with our granddaughter Abby, her mom and Cindy’s mom and dad, all made our way to the designated location at the appointed time and here are some photos from the event.

Abby and Granny

Abby and Granny enjoy some warm cider while waiting for Santa’s arrival.


Some of the crowd watching for the arrival of St. Nick.

Fire truck arriving.

Here comes Santa, courtesy of the Orlando Fire Department. I heard he left his sleigh parked at the Fire Station.

Santa steps out of the Fire Truck

Santa steps out of the Fire Truck and makes his way to the adoring crowd.

Santa in chair in front of crowd

Santa sits in his chair as the children wait to sit on his lap and tell them what they want for Christmas.

Crowd around Santa.

The crowd gathered around Santa.

Abby on Santa's lap.

Abby finally gets her turn to tell Santa what she would like.

Abby in Fire Truck

After finishing up with Santa, Abby gets to go sit inside the Fire Truck.







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