Sonic To Sell Pickle Juice Slushes

I’ve tried to eat food from Sonic twice at two different locations and hated it both times. Now they’ve added a new food item that has no appeal to me whatsoever, as Sonic plans to sell pickle juice slushes beginning this summer. This is NOT a joke! See one of the many articles about it here.


Sonic Pickle Juice Slushes Coming This Summer

I think their commercials are entertaining and if I wasn’t already revolted by my previous experiences with their food items I might sometimes be inclined to try some of the interesting things they push during those commercials. But, no thank you, I already know I don’t like pickle juice (let’s call it what is – BRINE) and I don’t believe the added dash of sweetener that is promised will make it any more palatable to me.

But hey, if you LIKE brine, they’ll even offer to spray it on other food items of your choice. That might work to mask one horrible flavor with another.

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One Response to Sonic To Sell Pickle Juice Slushes

  1. lavendrite says:

    I don’t care much for Sonic either, but the kids like it from time to time. NoTY on the Pickle Juice Slush… gross.

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