Shit Creek Survivor

Like almost everyone else, I’ve been up (and down) Shit Creek without a paddle at points in my life.

But I’ve survived it.


Most likely the very same ways you have.

Shit Creek Survivor sign

Shit Creek Survivor


Sometimes, you’ve just got to thrust your hands and arms into the Shit Creek and use your own strength to move yourself forward. I’m always thankful for whatever inner strength I have had in my possession to get myself out of a defecation disaster.

Sometimes, you have to let someone on the bank of Shit Creek throw you a rope and pull you out of the fecal matter flow. There is no shame in accepting help, though many times our own pride tells us that there is. And I’m eternally grateful for those who have thrown me that rope and helped me escape the excrement.

Whether you use your own strength or that of others, we’re all Shit Creek Survivors.

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