San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con LogoI’ve been wanting to attend the San Diego Comic-Con for years and years, but something always keeps me from being able to go; work, lack of time and/or lack of money are the usual culprits. A couple of years ago I officially moved it off my “Things I’d Like To Do” list and onto my “Bucket List” because it seems that I’ll have to be heading for a dirt nap before it works out for me to get to California and attend Comic-Con.

The funny thing is that for the past few years I’ve found my interest in modern-day comic books to be declining more and more. I find it hard to enjoy the writing and the art is usually not to my taste. I long for the days of Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Buscema, Curt Swan, Neal Adams, John Byrne, Chris Claremont, George Perez and those of their ilk.

It’s hard to get tickets, hard to get a hotel room (though I did successfully book one with points a few years back when I thought I might get to attend) and expensive as hell, but despite all that I still want to go, if only to say “I went to Comic-Con!”

But at the rate I’m going, by the time I get to Comic-Con THIS is what Wonder Woman will look like.

Mature Wonder Woman

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