Rejected Florida License Plates

IH8FL325pxHere in The Sunshine State, as in many other states, vehicle owners can request custom or vanity license plates. In the past 14 years, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has reviewed over 2,300 of these custom license plate requests. Obviously, not all requests are granted. Some are deemed too vulgar, suggestive or outright profane, while others may be a name that is protected, copyrighted or a duplicate.

Here’s a list of some of the rejected Florida license plate requests. Most of them I can understand, but there are a few that have me scratching my head as to WHY they may have been turned down. For instance, I’m not sure why the plate pictured, “I H8 FL” is included, other than perhaps it includes the abbreviation for “Hate”, and I guess I’m really missing something by not understanding why “ANY HOO” causes a problem. After all, it’s not “Hoo Hoo” but maybe someone thought it could be construed in that manner. And if someone wants to identify themselves as “2 FOOLS” I’m not sure why anyone would object, but obviously someone did.

The website LegalZoom has an informative page about why some plate requests are denied in some states and approved in others. But in short, there’s no real science or hard and fast rules behind why some plates are approved and some are rejected.


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