PillowFix logoA friend of mine invented a pretty cool thing a few years back called “PillowFix” and when he recently shared with me the happy news that it will be appearing in the April edition of SkyMall (you know, the shopping magazine in the seatback of almost every major airline in the U.S.), it occurred to me that I’ve never mentioned it here, in spite of how much I have enjoyed using it.

PilowFix in SkyMall Magazine

The PillowFix product listing in SkyMall magazine.

I started using PillowFix about a year and a half ago, ordering one to try while I was on the road travelling from hotel to hotel because I’ve never enjoyed a good night’s sleep when my head was resting on hotel pillows. Here’s what I wrote in my written review for the one I bought from Amazon (and yes, I bought my own at full price and used it without telling my friend so I could give it an honest review):

I travel. A lot. In the past year I’ve been on the road approximately 320 days, which is a lot of hotels, hotel beds and hotel pillows.

My usual practice at bedtime is to mash the hotel pillows into some kind of configuration that, while not pretty to look at, is comfortable for my head. Unfortunately at some point in the night my movements cause this configuration to fall apart and I inevitably wake up with a stiff neck, sore shoulders, or both.

Still, when someone suggested I try PillowFix, I laughed. I really did not believe this product could help me sleep in comfort. But I decided to take the chance and I am glad I did. From the first night of using PillowFix I slept peacefully through the night and, best of all, awakened each morning without an aching neck or painful shoulders.

I highly recommend PillowFix for a good night’s sleep.

And if you watch my video review of PillowFix, you’ll hear a similar review but with the added benefit of getting to laugh at my onscreen performance, or lack thereof.

Now I always carry a deflated PillowFix in my carryon (it’s flat and easy to pack when not inflated) during all my trips, Cindy uses one and my mother-in-law uses one for her lower back when she is sitting. We all find it comfortable and convenient, and appreciate that it’s a quality product made in the USA. And best of all, it’s economical to purchase.

So, if you’re flying somewhere in the next three months and happen to see PillowFix in the SkyMall magazine, you can nudge your seatmate, point to the product listing and say, “I know a guy who is friends with the guy that invented PillowFix!”


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