Phantom Cell Phone Vibration Syndrome

cell_phone_vibrateDoes this ever happen to  you? I carry my iPhone in a belt holster on my waist and my work Blackberry goes there as well when I’m out working. I can be sitting at my desk working or in a chair reading a book and suddenly I feel a vibration coming from the belt case on my waist. I pull out my iPhone…and there’s nothing there. No missed call. no text message, no photo arriving, no email notification…nothing. If I’m carrying both phones I check the BB and it’s the same story.

This used to happen to me when I carried a beeper (remember those?) or pager as well.

So, what causes the Phantom Cell Phone Vibration Syndrome? Mental Floss has a couple of ideas that researchers have identified as possibilities. I’m not sure that “anticipation” or “misguided sensory input” are going to turn out to be valid causes, but at least I know I’m NOT crazy and that qualified minds are looking into the matter.

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