Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Today wraps up my assignment to New Jersey in response to Hurricane Sandy. I’ve been here for 11 months and trust me, I am ready to return to Wolf’s Haven, but I am going to miss some old friends from past disaster responses and some new ones made on this one.

This is a scan of the thoughtful card I received with kind words from my co-workers.

Thank You Card


I also received a delicious dessert pastry (which I just ate after dinner) and I wish I knew what it was because I’d like to have about another dozen of them. Maybe it’s good that I don’t know what it was.

In order to attempt to soften the blow of my departure for my colleagues, I left them with this.

In Loving Memory 1


In Memory 2


Wheels up at 5am tomorrow morning, so it’s off to bed I go to attempt to get some rest before the alarm does it’s despicable job at 1am.

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3 Responses to Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

  1. Cindy Wetherington says:

    That was very thoughtful of your co-workers.

  2. Glad you’re going to have some home time for a bit. =)

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